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What is a QR Code?

A QR Code serves as a two-dimensional barcode, easily readable by smartphones. Capable of encoding over 4000 characters, it offers diverse functionalities such as displaying text, opening URLs, saving contacts, or composing text messages. DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED holds the registered trademark for "QR Code."

To scan QR Codes using a smartphone, simply utilize the default camera app. On desktop devices, bookmarking the Scan section of this web app allows convenient access. This proves beneficial for transferring links from a phone to a desktop browser.

Are the QR Codes generated on this site restricted to personal use?

Absolutely not. There are no restrictions; you can freely use these QR Code images for personal or commercial purposes. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the trademark by adding a relevant comment when using the term "QR Code." Refer to the provided link for specific details.

What distinguishes Static QR Codes?

They embed content directly into the image itself, resembling regular printed text but in a unique format. Once generated, their content cannot be updated, and their size increases with the amount of stored information.

Contrastingly, Dynamic QR Codes point to a static URL hosting the actual content, allowing for changes even after printing. Upon signing in, this service enables the creation of Dynamic QR Codes, each associated with a URL leading to the desired content. Simple view tracking statistics for these codes are also provided.

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